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We are based in the West Country and specialize in the manufacture and assembly of 1 off's to larger quantities
of work, usually requiring short lead times. Our aim is to work with you to become a seamless extension to your
company, fitting in with the way you work. This provides you with minimum changes to your documentation including
drawings and work instructions. Our aim is to meet your quality and delivery targets.
We have over 40 years experience in the manufacture of piece parts, tooling, machining, electro mechanical assembly
and production problem solving. We also specialize in the rectification of sub-standard or rejected work made at home
or abroad where the lead times are too long to return the work for rectification. We also have the capacity to do 1 off
machining of casting's or parts from various materials for the home model maker or model train enthusiast. Including
hard to get parts or replacement items. Either one off's or quantity's.

Please click on any of the links above to see if we can be of service. We will do our very best to help and work with you.

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