Coil winding

1) Bobbin less - Layer wound on yellow electrical tape or self-bonding wire.

2) On customer supplied bobbins.

3) On ferrite rods.

4) On round ferrite cores - Toroidal, especially thick wire up to 2 mm diameter, possibly larger.

5) On rectangle ferrite cores with holes - Hand wound with a variety of wires including P.T.F.E..

6) On mandrels - single layer air spaced or close wound.

7) Digital recording heads - read / write and erase coils

8) CNC coil winder, including Orthocyclic.

If you are not sure if we can help you please contact us -
Please write, phone or email drawings in any format etc. to see if we can be of assistance to you. We will respond
quickly to let you know if we can help you. We also have a good working relationship with a number of local companies
especially a sub contract electronics company which may be able to help you if we cannot.

Click on this link to see some video's on what we can produce, the commentary is a bit amateur but the coil winding is not.

Coil Winding Videos
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